CCD Photography with my Apogee U16M camera and Astro-Physics AP155 EDF Refractor
The following images were acquired starting in the Fall of 2016
M31_LRGBSh2-86 in HaRGBGamma Cass aka IC59 and IC63IC1396Sh2 171
The Andromeda Galaxy M31Sh2-86 in HaRGBGamma Cass aka IC59/63IC1396 in H-Alpha & RGBSh2 171 in HaRGB
M81_M82_w_IFNngc7331Sh2 124 HaRGBngc 7380 aka Sh2-142Butterfly Nebula
M81 and M82 with the Integrated Flux NebulaNGC7331 in LRGBSh2 124 in HaRGB
NGC7380 / Sh2 142
Butterfly Nebula HaRGB
M101 LRGBSh2 134 HaRGBM53 ngc5053
M101 in LRGBSh2 134 in HaRGBM53 and ngc5053 in RGB
Pelican & North American NebulaeThe Cave aka Sh2-155Orion and Running Man in H-Alpha
Pelican & North American Nebulae in H-AlphaThe Cave Nebula aka Sh2-155 aka Caldwell 9M42 aka The Great Orion Nebula + The Running ManSh2 134 in HaRGB

The images below were acquired up to December 2012
Sh2-154 Sh2-134 in H-Alpha Sh2-133 Sh2-157
Double Cluster
Sh2-154 Sh2-134 in H-Alpha Sh2-133 in HaRGB Sh2-157
H & Chi Persei - The Double Cluster
Sh2-145 and Sh2-150 in H-Alpha Sh2-119 Sh2-160 ngc3718 Markarian's Chain
Sh2-145 and Sh2-150 in HaRGB Sh2-119 in Cygnus Sh2-160 in H-Alpha / RGB NGC 3718 and 3729 Markarian's Chain of Galaxies
M13 LRGB M97 and M108 M51 The Whirlpool Galaxy Sharpless 137
M13 in Hercules LRGB M108 and M97 M51 - The Whirlpool Sharpless 137
Sh2-73 aka LBN 105-106
Sh2-132 Pacman in HaOIII Iris with Dust M101 LRGB AP155 U16M Sh2-126
Sharpless 132 in H-Alpha + GB Pacman Nebula in Ha + OIII Iris Nebula w Dust M101 LRGB Sharpless 126 in H-Alpha
M45 - The Pleiades Sh2-205 in H-Alpha Sh2-221 M33 RGB V2 M33 RGB
M45 - The Pleiades Sharpless 205 in H-Alpha Sharpless 221 in HaRGB M33 - The Triangulum Galaxy M33 - The Triangulum Galaxy reprocessed
M52 and The Bubble Nebula M13_AP155_U16M M31 - The Andromeda Galaxy M44 aka The Beehive Cluster Sh2-91
M52 and The Bubble Nebula M13 in RGB on Canada Day 2011 M31 - The Adromeda Galaxy
M44 - The Beehive Cluster
Sharpless 91 in H-Alpha
Leo Triplet M81 M82 NGC3077 M81 M82 NGC3077 M51 LRGB AP155 U16M M106 LRGB
The Leo Triplet of Galaxies M81, M82 and NGC3077 M81, M82, NGC3077 & IFN M51 - The Whirlpool Galaxy M106 and Friends
Rosette Nebula Moon at Perigee: March 20th 2011

Rosette Nebula in H-Alpha Moon at Perigee: March 20th 2011

M16 - The Eagle Horsehead and Flame Nebulae Pelican Nebula in H-Alpha
M16 - The Eagle Horsehead and Flame Nebulae Pelican Nebula in H-Alpha