Gallery of Galaxy Images

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NGC7441 in Pegasus M65-66 in Leo
NGC7331 in Pegasus M74 in Pisces NGC4618 in CVn NGC7332-39
M58 in Virgo NGC772 in Aries NGC7741 in Pegasus M31 in Andromeda
IC342 in Camelopardalis NGC6946 in Cygnus Barnard's Galaxy NGC6946 and 6939
NGC925 in Triangulum Andromeda Galaxy Messier 77 in Cetus Messiers 81 and 82
NGC7331 in Pegasus NGC891 in Andromeda Messier 101 Messier 99
NGC185 in Cassiopeia M33 in Triangulum NGC4216 in Virgo NGC772 in Aries
Older Film Images
NGC4214 in CVn NGC4449 in CVn NGC4485/90 in CVn
NGC3941 NGC4605 NGC3432 NGC3521
NGC4565 NGC4088 and 4085 Messier 32 Messier 51
Messier 58 Messier 59 and 60 Messier 61 Messier 63
Messier 64 Messier 74 Messiers 81 and 82 Messier 87
Messier 83 Messier 85 Messier 88 Messier 89 and 90
Messier 98 Messiers 95 and 96 Messier 94 Messier 91
Messier 100 Messier 102 Messier 104 Messier 105
Messier 106 Messier 108 Messier 109 Messier 110
NGC3607 in Leo NGC3877 in Ursa Major NGC4274 in Coma Berenices NGC4244 in Canes Venatici
NGC3115 in Sextans NGC3184 in Ursa Major NGC3190 aka Hickson 44 NGC3344 in Leo Minor
NGC2841 in Ursa Major NGC2903 in Leo NGC3003 in Leo Minor NGC3003 in Ursa Major
NGC1023 in Perseus NGC2403 in Camelopardalis NGC2655 in Camelopardalis NGC2683 in Lynx
NGC672 and IC1727 NGC752 in Triangulum NGC936 in Cetus NGC1000 group in Perseus
NGC1 and NGC16 NGC253 in Sculptor NGC404 NGC584 Group

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