CCD Photography with my Trius SX814 camera and Astro-Physics AP155 EDF Refractor
The following images were acquired starting in the Fall of 2017. They are taken with a StarlightXpress Trius SX814 camera and my venerable Astro-Physics AP155EDF refractor and the 155TCC 0.75x reducer/flattener. The focuser is motorized using a Starlight Instruments Focus Boss II (amazing!). Guiding with a Borg 60mm achromat and SBIG ST402ME guide camera. Mount is a Software Bisque MX.
M2 RGBM17 The Swan NebulaM16 The Eagle NebulaThe Lagoon Nebula in HaRGBngc6712 in RGB
M2 in RGB
M17 in RGBM16 in LRGBThe Lagoon Nebula HaRGBNGC6712 in Scutum
M107 in RGBM9 RGBngc6366M22 RGBngc6760
M107 in RGBM9 in RGBNGC6366 in RGBM22 in RGBngc6760 - GC in Aquila
ngc5033_LRGBM101 HaRGBngc4236 LRGBM92 RGBM13 in RGB
NGC5033 in LRGBM101 aka The Northern Pinwheel in HaRGBNGC4236 in LRGBM92 in RGBM13 in RGB
M33 LRGB ngc891 M15 RGB M42 HaLRGBM63 LRGB AP155 Trius SX814
M33 LRGB NGC 891 M15 RGB M42 in HaLRGBM63 aka The Sunflower Galaxy