NGC6914 in Cygnus - HaRGB

ngc6914 in HaRGB

NGC 6914 is a reflection nebula located approximately 6,000 light-years away in the constellation of Cygnus, and was discovered by Édouard Stephan on August 29, 1881. 

Ultraviolet radiation from stars in the Cygnus OB2 association ionize the nebula's hydrogen. It is immersed in a bath of HII emission from surrounding Hydrogen gas.

I was struck by the beautiful contrast when seeing a superb APOD of it here:

13/11/13 x 10 min each of RGB, 33x20 min H-Alpha
Camera: Moravian G4 (16803) w Gen II Astrodon RGB and H-Alpha
Scope: Astrophysics AP155EDF Refractor w Focus Boss II
Mount: Paramount MX
Guiding SBIG ST402ME attached to a Borg 60mm guidescope
RGB and H-Alpha processing in PixInsight; Blend of H-Alpha w RGB in PS CC

Click on the image to see ~ 2x and to re-size it for your browser.

Here is the pure H-Alpha portion for all you B&W fans!

ngc6914 in H-Alpha

Lucknow, Ontario
Sept 2022